Crowns & Bridges

If you have suffered from tooth injury or tooth loss, you are not alone! Restoration dentistry works by repairing and restoring teeth to give you back your smile. Whether you are missing a tooth or have a damaged tooth, it can affect your everyday life. When a tooth is missing, the surrounding teeth can begin to shift out of place and the jawbone may begin to deteriorate. By restoring a missing tooth, you can also save your other teeth from unnecessary treatment down the road. 

A damaged smile can also lower your self-confidence and make you want to avoid smiling, laughing and enjoying the company of others. With a restored smile, you can also restore your self-esteem and be proud of the smile that you have. Dental bridges and dental crowns are two of the restoration options we offer to help you improve your smile. 


Dental crowns work with many restoration treatments including implants, root canals and bridges. A dental crown is custom-made to match your surrounding teeth and blend in well with your smile. It also is designed to work the same as a natural tooth so that you can enjoy eating again. Dental crowns restore the look of your smile by replacing or covering damaged teeth. 


A dental bridge can work to restore one tooth or a row of missing teeth. By anchoring to a tooth on either side of the missing teeth, a bridge is formed for dental crowns to be secured into place. The dental bridge provides a secure foundation for the dental crowns to fit. Bridges take just a few visits to fully complete and can really make the difference for your smile! If you would like to know more about crowns or dental bridges and live in the Clinton, MD area, call our office today! A consultation with your dentist can help you understand the best treatment options for your smile and a personalized treatment plan can be made to help you work towards restoring your smile. Don’t put off getting back your confidence and working toward your dental dreams. Call today!

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