Advanced Technology

Clinton Dental Group is committed to staying up-to-date with the latest in dental technology. With proven, reliable technology at our fingertips, we are better able to give patients the quality of care they expect and deserve. A highlight of our Clinton, MD office is our CT panoramic scanner. This allows us to capture truly detailed images of your mouth and oral structures to better prepare for your treatments. 

What Is A Panoramic Scanner?

It is common to have to take x-rays when you visit the dentist. The images that are captured are used to see the position of your teeth, discover how much bone support you have, and identify any problem areas. With a CT panoramic scanner, our team is able to capture images in extreme detail. This will help us see much more, including location of nerves in the jaw, areas of decay, and position of tooth roots. Additionally, the scanner captures images in 3D, so we are able to see unique angles of your mouth. 

How These Panoramic Images Are Used

These images are often used to help plan for extensive treatments. When we are able to see more detail within your mouth, our doctors are better able to prepare for your treatments without worrying about unexpected complications. CT panoramic images can also help with tooth extractions as our doctors are able to locate the exact location of tooth roots and even see if there are broken pieces from the tooth embedded into the gums or jaw. 

If you’d like to experience modern dentistry, schedule an appointment with Clinton Dental Group today! If you are in need of dental work, our CT panoramic scanner can help you get the quality of care you deserve!

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